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  The Inner Mastery Tools are complex fractals of light codes in the ethers, and when they are run on a person, they act as an ordering power within their minds and fields, bringing beauty and expansion to all that they touch upon… A person will then feel their world opening up, through new perceptions, insights, and impulses of will. “  



Introduction to the Tools

The Inner Mastery Tools help people to clear negative mental, emotional and spiritual patterns and accelerate integration and evolution to greater levels of Love and Light. What makes these tools so special is that they are a joint collaboration between three very gifted healers who approach healing in very different ways. Bill Austin works from the top down, Rama Iyer from the bottom up, and Anita Briggs works in the middle, at the emotional/mental/psychic levels.

Our beliefs, emotions and behaviors are patterns that either express symmetry and beauty which expands our energy or they are asymmetrical, chaotic patterns lacking in beauty and form which contract or block our energy. The Inner Mastery Tools work in many ways on infinite levels of consciousness to clear and reprogram anything that no longer serves a person’s highest good. Since each tool specializes on a certain function and they all work seamlessly together as one unit, the Tools can quickly pluck out energetic blocks and weaknesses and create new ways of perceiving and being in life.


Some of the most important tools include the following:

  • The Mind Healing Tool focuses on limiting behavior patterns and will transform all associated patterns that energetically reinforce and support the behavior into patterns of greater symmetry and beauty that lead to new ways of being in the world. 
  • The Joyful Clarity Tool helps transform the way people perceive the world in – that will accelerate them out of pain, suffering and limitation toward seeing Truth and the path of quickest resolution and evolution.  It creates a new lens onto reality and provides immediate energetic support toward those enlightened pathways.

  • The Belief Clearing and Rescripting Tool works on clearing out limiting belief patterns and instilling new beliefs and sense of divine rights that come for a person’s Higher Self and honor the truth they are here to bring into the world.
  • The Divine Essences Wash tool bathes a person at all levels of being with the divine version of feelings and capacities so that a person can experience new ways of being that they may never have had or only had in dim or distorted ways. As new feelings are anchored in, it becomes easy to shift beliefs and perceptions.
  • The Love Transformer Tool restores or enhances the sense of self and then sparks self-love. The spark of self-love is really a return to the self. In addition, it eliminates and dissolves suppressive beliefs that we developed to protect ourself from being hurt by others. The Tool works at deep levels and realigns the individual to resonate with the love impulses. This tool powerfully transforms and transmutes, and brings a deeper sense of self as well as much insight to people.
  • There are many more Tools, and each one approaches healing from a different aspect.

 What are the IMTs exactly, and how are they utilized?

 The Tools are not tangible in matter – they are etheric in nature, much like the Reiki energies are.  And much like Reiki Masters are attuned to access the energies of Reiki so are IMT therapists who use the IMTs, or IMT practitioners, receive attunements to each of the Tools, and are then able to run them in a therapy session on clients.

IMT sessions can be done in-person, over the telephone, or in a remote healing session. There is a method of transmitting the codes from the Tools, and an IMT practitioners is trained to do this.

In the therapy session, a client’s issues are first explored, and then the IMT practitioners works with the various Tools to completely shift all beliefs, emotional state behaviors, past events, etc. so that the issue clears and new ways of perceiving, new capacities, and new insights emerge from the transformation. The client will immediately feel lighter, will no longer be bothered by the issue, and easily perceive and feel new pathways of resolution.

The best way to describe the Inner Mastery Tools are as complex fractals of light codes in the ethers, and when they are run on a person, they act as an ordering power within their minds and fields, bringing beauty and expansion to all that they touch upon.  The Tools operate within the Will of the Creator and the person’s Higher Self, so that all transformation is aligned to a person’s highest and greatest good. A person will then feel their world opening up, through new perceptions, insights, and impulses of will. 

In the IMT modules, IM Tool activation is encoded into manuals and trigger affirmations and inner processing exercises, so that when a person utilizes them, the Tools are working to clear limitation in their system.

We are also offering IM Tools packages for personal use. These enable a person to achieve self-directed accelerated healing. The Affirmation Enhancer Tool and the IMT-Enhanced Healing Symbol are the first two IM Tools for personal use. Many more will be coming out throughout 2009.


Origins of the Tools

The Inner Mastery Tools were developed to support accelerated healing in therapy, and they have been used extensively and with great results on hundreds of clients. They were formulated by psychotherapist, Anita Briggs, who has tirelessly explored many modalities and approaches in a search for effective therapies that would work quickly, and at all levels of being.

Recognizing the great complexity of the mind and that clearing with traditional and many alternative therapies can take a long time, Anita wanted Tools that could do a lot of the background clearing, healing and transmuting work.  She  also wanted to develop Tools that would produce INSTANT and deep shifts in clients in just a single session. And finally, she wanted Tools that would support deeper integration and healing between sessions. The Inner Mastery Tools were thus created in an effort to accelerate healing and empower clients for self-healing.


Combined Effort of Three Healers

In her attempts to develop these Tools, Anita first teamed up with healer Bill Austin, who works primarily in the higher dimensions, downloading spiritual energies and frequencies to support Light workers and healers. He also helps anchor many healing and enlightenment energies required for the planetary shift in consciousness for the spiritual evolution of humanity.  They developed the first generation of the Inner Mastery Tools.

Anita then brought in Rama Iyer, another very evolved healer, who works primarily at the microcosmic level of the body. All healing can be achieved through body evolution. By altering the magnetic flows of the body, patterns are unblocked and transformed and healing and evolution are achieved. Rama has worked tirelessly to support the healing of humanity by exploring the human body and accelerating healing within the body system.

In effect, each healer approaches things from a different aspect:  Bill works from the top down, Rama from the bottom up, and Anita in the middle, at the emotional/mental/psychic levels.

By combining their efforts and very different approaches, the 2nd generation Inner Mastery Tools have become tremendously powerful and so their effect can be felt instantaneously.


What to Expect With Use of the Tools

Depending on the Tools or Modules that you use, you can expect to see accelerated shifts in the areas of focus.

You will feel greater clarity and potential as the Tools begin to order and transform your chaotic thought forms and bring movement to all blocked energies, restoring the proper flow of emotional energy.

Some of the benefits you can expect to receive from using the various Tools include:

o        Greater sense of Self and sense of purpose

o        Increased self-understanding and confidence

o        Sense of inner guidance and clearer intuition

o        Self-acceptance and self-love

o        Empowerment and passion for life

o        Ability to feel more deeply

o        Emotional positivity

o        More energy and aliveness

o        All manner of physical and emotional healing

o        New positive traits and capacities

o        Not taking things personally

o        Better relationships

o        Positive self-talk

o        Greater openness, compassion, and acceptance of others

o        Ability to love more readily and deeply

o        New, positive ways of perceiving life

o        Improved outer conditions of life

o        People treat you with greater respect and interest

The Inner Mastery Tools and Modules provide the most advanced healing protocols, activations, codes and energies available to humanity in a format where people can direct their personal accelerated inner transformation

There is so much spiritual support available to mankind presently, and the IMTs are designed to tap into this fully, and deliver powerful healing capabilities in Tools that anyone can use. The IMTs represent the most effective and powerful healing solutions we know. They represent a breakthrough in healing technology, and novel support for the accelerated evolution that humanity finds itself in presently.

To read more about specific Tools, you may go the About the Tools.